Monday, October 24, 2011

Having spent much of his adult life coping with multiple sclerosis and trying various medical options, former talk show host Montel Williams decided an experimental -- and controversial -- treatment was worth the risk: liberation therapy.
"The only way I can figure out whether or not this works is if I do it myself," he said of the June 30 medical procedure, which involved a balloon angioplasty to open three narrowed veins in his neck and chest.
When his veins were unblocked, the effect was immediate, he told CTV News.
"That's when I immediately noticed the first difference," Williams said, in his first public comments about his personal experience with the procedure. "I got off the table and bent over to put on my shoes and I realized I wasn't holding on to anything."
While Williams says that the treatment isn't a panacea for all of his symptoms, he is adamant that the therapy has  Read more:

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