Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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New CCSVI Online Resource!

The MS Society of Canada is pleased to announce that today we are launching a new online resource to provide people touched by MS with information on CCSVI. This public resource is designed to meet the information needs of those who want to learn more about the condition including those who may be seeking CCSVI-related procedures.

The objective of the website is to provide timely, credible and relevant information on CCSVI that supports a person’s right to make their own choices regarding treatment of their MS.
It will also be a space that engages those who are interested in CCSVI in genuine dialogue, and allows people to share their personal story, experience or perspective related to CCSVI.
We invite you to visit CCSVI.ca and encourage you to pass along the web address to those looking for more information on CCSVI and MS. The site will also be well integrated with the MS Society’s main website at mssociety.ca.
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