Friday, June 11, 2010

It's starting! - 
CCSVI Scanning and Treatment about to start in UK

CCSVI Dopplar Scanner

We are pleased to announce that we have now taken delivery of our Premium Echo Doppler Scanner System. This scanner has been specially designed by Professor Zamboni and his team for the diagnosis of CCSVI. We are also proud to be the first clinic selected in the UK to have this equipment and we have been told that currently no other establishment in the UK and Ireland is using this sophisticated equipment.

Professor Zamboni devised five specific protocols for the detection of CCSVI and this equipment is programmed with the algorithms created to aid the analysis of these five protocols. These special measurements available with this equipment have recognised the needs of this type of scanning - and the fact that existing scanners may struggle without the specific measurements required.

More Good News!
We can also announce that within the next seven days we will be offering appointments for Doppler Scanning & Doctors Consultation to a large section of our waiting list. These will be available during September and October. We are also in advanced discussions with other leading Doctors, at prestigious medical facilities, to replicate the treatment protocols and standards that we are establishing in Scotland. This will enable us to have an increased capacity and reduce our waiting lists even sooner. More information will be given as soon as we have it available.

If you are not already on our waiting list, we strongly recommend that you reserve your place now. Click here for more information.

Testing and Procedures

If we find patients are demonstrating that some stenosis is present, our Doctors will discuss this with you and possibly recommend transfer to one of our Partner clinics; where a CT Venogram will take place to find the precise location of any narrowing, for intervention if necessary.
As part of the on-going research, patients will also be invited to have an MRI Brain scan (at no extra charge). This will then be repeated in six months when patients return for their follow-up Doppler Scan.

Details have also been finalised with our Partner clinic in Scotland for the CT Venogram, MRI Brain scan and Venoplasty procedure. Starting in August we aim to have the whole procedure from initial Doppler Scan completed within 3-5 working days. For those with appointments before August; the timescale might be slightly longer as we begin to fit all the procedures together.

Transport & Accommodation
We have been in discussion with a company who is interested in providing a bespoke transport service for our CCSVI patients, to and from hotels and clinics; in most cases for less than the cost of regular taxis. We expect this will be very popular, especially as they will have specially adapted vehicles to ensure that those with mobility difficulties are catered for.
For those people requiring information on accommodation in the area, we will have details on a number of hotels that we have used in the past. However we do strongly recommend that you search around on the internet as some excellent offers can be found with a bit of research.
More information on the transport facility and accommodation will be available on our website, as soon as we have it, with links through to them for booking. Please make all your arrangements direct with the companies concerned.

CCSVI Conference
CCSVI is one of the most talked about topics in medicine at the moment with twelve articles published in medical journals in April alone.
We have started preparations for a CCSVI conference at Glasgow in November 2010. This will bring together all the leading people in the world of CCSVI. It is vital to be involved in an international collaboration to collect similar data to strengthen the case for CCSVI. We are already working with these leaders to put this in place.

Please note: we are unable to take orders/payment for the waiting list or Treatment Packages over the phone.

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