Thursday, March 25, 2010

reBlog from The Wheelchair Kamikaze: Wheelchair Kamikaze

Although I'm not a hero, I do live with one. My wife Karen displays, each and every day, the quiet bravery and steadfastness that truly define the word. I was diagnosed just one year after we were married, and in the seven years since, Karen has quite literally been by my side through innumerable treatment sessions and doctors conferences, and suffered with me the long series of raised hopes and shattering disappointments that have defined the course of my disease. Without her, I very well may have checked out a long time ago. I'm stuck with myself and my situation, forced to experience the slow withering away of the "me" I once knew. Karen is here by choice; neither I nor any of my friends or family would have blamed her one bit if at any time along the way she had simply opted out. "In sickness and in health" sounds great in concept, but in practice it's one hell of a promise to keep.The Wheelchair Kamikaze, Wheelchair Kamikaze, Mar 2010
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